Corporate structure

VIVAT Multitalent consists of several independent companies, which are functionally different from each other:

  • Management companies (client management company/management of affiliated distributors)
  • Issuing companies
  • Project companies

All VIVAT companies are autonomous companies.



Management companies

The task of our management companies is the design and execution of internal organisational processes.

On the basis of an existing sales coordination agreement, VIVAT Financial Services GmbH takes over the administration and training of the sales partners, the settlement of sales commissions and other administrative activities for the various issuing companies.

VIVAT Verwaltungs GmbH takes over customer administration, application review and other administrative activities between investors and issuers as well as third parties such as the paying agent. This corporate structure brings a decisive advantage for clients: at VIVAT Verwaltungs GmbH, all contracts are managed and serviced from a central location. Thus, investors have a direct contact person for all questions regarding their contract - independent of the issuer.

Issuing companies

Our issuing companies are responsible for designing and issuing financial products. These enable the realisation of numerous real estate projects through direct investments or the granting of partial loans to project companies.

Project companies

In order to manage our projects professionally, we establish a separate project company for each individual real estate project. In cooperation with experienced experts, this company takes over the purchase, planning and implementation of the reconstruction measures as well as the sale of the property.