Golf Apartments

Maritime Residenz GmbH & Co. KG
Project No.: 201504

Project description

Rügen - a popular destination in Germany with numerous tourist attractions. At this sought-after location, 6 modern flat villas were to be integrated into the picturesque landscape of the island. However, due to a profitable offer, the property was sold on prematurely.

About the property

  • Project category: Residential and commercial
  • Project type: Plot
  • Building: -
  • Purchase: 2015

About the location

  • Lage auf beliebter Ferieninsel Rügen

Investment data

  • Investment amount: EUR 800.000
  • (planned) revenue*: EUR 1.200.000

Note: *) This value is a forecast.

Property location


Lohme has a population of about 455 and is located in the administrative district of Vorpommern-Rügen. Located on the holiday island of Rügen, the place owes its name to the old fishing village of Lohme. Today, the community consists of the districts of Bisdamitz, Blandow, Hagen, Lohme, Nardevitz, Nipmerow and Ranzow.

There are many distinctive features in the surrounding area which attract numerous tourists. The natural wonder with its nationally known cliffs offers a wide range of activities. There are many hiking trails in the region, e.g along Jasmund National Park or on the Hochuferweg Trail.

Tourism dominates the region’s economy. The area is well known for its restaurants, souvenir shops and hotel or guesthouse accommodation, all of which provide a large number of jobs.

There are many attractions in the surrounding area:

  • the harbour of Lohme with the collapsed cliff face
  • Ranzow Castle with its wonderful golf course
  • the megalithic tombs of Nipmerow and Ranzow
  • the Schwanenstein Erratic
  • erratic boulder beaches, e.g. in Lohme.

The sandy beach in Glowe is only 15 minutes away. The nearest connection is the B96 in Sassnitz, about ten kilometres from Ranzow.

It takes about 30 minutes to get to the town of Bergen by car.



Schlossallee is located in the district of Ranzow in Lohme and is in the immediate vicinity of the Königsstuhl, the famous chalk formation. It is less than two kilometres from the Baltic Sea. Numerous restaurants and cafés can be found in the direct vicinity of the Baltic in Lohme. These can be reached from the Golf Apartments by bicycle in less than ten minutes.

The beautiful harbour of the old fishing village of Lohme is also located in this area.

The Schwanenstein, a natural stone on the shore, can be admired from the beach. Many other features of this beautiful natural environment are located near the destination. The landscape can be enjoyed and explored during unparalleled hikes or cycle tours. The famous Cape Arkona can be seen from Lohme. Jasmund National Park with its magnificent panorama along the cliffs also offers wonderful countryside.

The nearby town of Sassnitz can easily be reached by car in fifteen minutes. There are a number of highlights in the town including the Fishing and Harbour Museum, the Lenin Monument and the U-Boat Adventure World. All outlets catering for everyday needs as well as a pharmacy, doctors and restaurants can be found in Sassnitz.

The railway station and the bus station provide excellent connections.