Gold holdings

Gold is in short supply; all of the world’s gold reserves would only form a cube with edges of 20 metres long. However, demand is continuously growing. The demand for gold is growing and has always been a sought-after store of value.

Why gold is so valuable

People have valued gold very highly for thousands of years.Gold stood and stands for the greatest possible preservation of value. The limited gold stocks worldwide also keep the value of the precious metal stable to a great extent.

Your financial well-being is worth its weight in gold to us

We would also like to use this advantage for us and even more for our customers. Currently the company  holds 60.6 kg of gold and can demonstrate greater independence from fluctuations on the capital market thanks to this additional capital reserve. We therefore offer you appropriate protection for their capital in addition to attractive interest rates and flexible terms.



Investment type
Physisch / Physically

60,600 g

Investment amount
EUR 2,038,000

Value on 31/12/2021
approx. EUR 3,211,000