Project No.: 201816

Project description

Built in 1993, the property is situated in the middle of a spacious green oasis and is currently used for residential and commercial purposes. The swimming pool, garden, sauna and fitness area as well as the in-house cafeteria underline the multi-functional character of the building.

About the property

  • Project category: Residential and commercial
  • Project type: Existing properties
  • Building: 1993
  • Purchase: 2018

About the location

  • Lage im baden-württembergischen Bad Mergentheim
  • Wirtschaftsstarker Standort mit weltweit bekannten Produktionsund Dienstleistungsgewerben
  • Eines der größten Kur- und Heilbäder Deutschlands

Investment data

  • Investment amount: EUR 5.000.000
  • (planned) revenue*: EUR 9.100.000

Note: *) This value is a forecast.

Property location


The Franconian Main-Tauber district is located in the northeast of Baden-Württemberg and is one of the four districts of the Heilbronn-Franconia region. It stretches along the Tauber between the Main and Rothenburg and is home to a total of around 133,000 inhabitants. The district is characterised by a densely wooded hilly landscape with numerous nature and landscape conservation areas. The foothills of the Spessart region are located at its northern end, and extensive vineyards and orchards can be found in the lowlands for the most part. The Tauber Valley is a tourist magnet and offers extensive cycling and hiking routes along with various cultural and culinary highlights.

The economy of the Tauber-Franconian district is booming. 23 world market leaders, including the successful Würth Group, are located here and provide more than 48,000 jobs. There is a mixture of manufacturing and service industries, established family businesses, modern large corporations and start-ups. Engineering, the glass industry and wood processing are economic focal points. The unemployment rate in the district is therefore low.

The Main-Tauber district has excellent transport connections and is accessible via the A81 autobahn and several railway lines. In addition, there is the port of Mainhafen Wertheim and an airfield in Niederstetten.



Bad Mergentheim is the largest city in the Main-Tauber district. It is located on the banks of the Tauber River in the southern part of the district in the triangle formed by the cities of Würzburg, Heilbronn and Nuremberg. The 24,000 inhabitants are distributed over 13 districts and the historical town centre. The residential and recreational value is high. Bad Mergentheim offers a high quality of life and an almost perfect infrastructure. The town in Tauber Franconia was once the residence of the Grand and German Masters. The Castle of the Teutonic Order from this period has been preserved and is now a tourist magnet together with the adjacent park. It is located on the eastern edge of the medieval and baroque historical centre.

With almost 3,600 beds, Bad Mergentheim is one of Germany’s largest spa and health resorts. The town gained the title of Bad (spa) in 1926 and has been a popular health and holiday resort ever since. In addition to several clinic facilities, Bad Mergentheim has three public drinking fountains and the Solymar brine thermal bath. The town’s spa park covers around 160,000 square metres. Rose and herb gardens, a Kneipp hydrotherapy facility and a small graduation house can be found here. The park was laid out in the English style and nominated as one of the most beautiful gardens in Germany.

Löffelstelzer Straße starts to the north of the spa park. It lies in a small wooded hollow and leads to the district of Löffelstelzen. A few apartment buildings are slightly set back to the east of the street. The German Pension Insurance Association and the stylish Reinhold Würth House are located on the opposite slope.