VIVAT Verwaltungs GmbH

Our product providers, the various issuing companies, conclude a customer administration agreement with VIVAT Verwaltungs GmbH when issuing a financial product.

VIVAT Verwaltungs GmbH thus takes over customer administration, application verification and other administrative activities between investors and issuers as well as third parties, such as the paying agent for the respective issuer. VIVAT Verwaltungs GmbH does not carry out any securities distribution itself, does not perform any activities requiring a licence/regulated activities such as banking activities or activities as an investment firm or securities house (namely, VIVAT Verwaltungs GmbH does not acquire or sell any securities/financial instruments itself) and does not have a corresponding licence.

In its function as a client management company, VIVAT Verwaltungs GmbH serves as a contact for all questions and requests of our investors regarding their contract.

Company:VIVAT Verwaltungs GmbH
Address:Rosenau 54, Postfach 3112, D-87437 Kempten
Register:HRB 13218, Amtsgericht Kempten
Telephone:+49 831 5128899-88
Fax:+49 831 5128899-28
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Account holder:VIVAT Verwaltungs GmbH
Bank:Raiffeisenbank Kempten-Oberallgäu eG
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