Festival of Talents 2022 in Riga

On 21.05.2022, the Festival of Talents, an event organised by the VIVAT Future Charitable Foundation, will take place in the Latvian capital Riga.

VIVAT Future Charitable Foundation was established in 2016 as a charity project with the aim of providing gifted children with the financial support they need to realise their skills and talents. In its 6 years of existence, the foundation has already provided financial support to 141 children from more than 10 European countries with a total of 289,563 euros. The main areas of support include the purchase of new musical instruments, additional training or lessons and travel expenses to major international competitions.

The festival is dedicated to the prize winners of the VIVAT Future Foundation 2020 - 2021. Singers, dancers, musicians, sportsmen, artists (who will present their works in exhibitions) of different age groups will perform on this day. A total of 32 talented children from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland will show their skills at the festival. More than 300 guests from all over the world are expected. Latvian singer, counter-tenor and officer of the Three Star Order Sergejs Jēgers and Natalija Krasovska, Honoured Artist of Pop Art of Ukraine, are also expected to perform at the Festival of Talents.

VIVAT Future is sponsored by VIVAT Multitalent, an international investment company. By financially supporting young talents, VIVAT Multitalent aims to contribute to the education and discovery of new talents of creative and successful young people.

✔️ Information about the event on Facebook: https://fb.me/e/2kkR3Hlp2

✔️ Foundation website: https://vivatmt.eu/fqih

We would like to thank the organizer Nelly Peshko for the organization and wish all children every success!