VIVAT Multitalent – Rückblick 2023

Dear Investors,

At the beginning of the year, we would like to provide you with a retrospective on the past year and share the key developments with you.

As you are likely aware from the media reports, the year 2023 presented significant challenges for the real estate industry. The new interest rate policies of central banks led to substantial increases in mortgage interest rates, significantly impacting the willingness to invest in real estate. Consequently, several real estate companies in Europe faced financial difficulties.

However, despite these challenges, there is also positive news to report. Since January 2024, construction loan interest rates have stabilized. Statistics from Statista indicate that construction loan interest rates have decreased impressively by 20%, from 4.23% in November 2023 to 3.42% in January 2024. Additionally, over the last five years, rental prices in Germany have increased by approximately 30%, continuing to offer an attractive investment opportunity in real estate.

In these demanding times, VIVAT Multitalent's strategy has once again proven successful. We remain focused on real estate projects in Germany, particularly smaller and medium-sized projects, to ensure broad diversification. Furthermore, we finance our projects primarily with our own capital to strengthen our independence from banks.

Since 2022, we have also invested in commercial properties for the planning and development of commercial parks (solar parks) to meet the growing interest in renewable energy. This opens up new opportunities for us and ensures long-term growth.

Despite the challenges of 2023, the year brought us positive results. Our revenues reached record levels, and over 1,000 investors entrusted us with more than 50,000,000 €/CHF. We successfully completed three projects and invested in six new ones. In 2023 alone, we paid out 18,000,000 €/CHF in interest to our investors (a total of over 66,000,000 €/CHF since 2012). Additionally, repayments on completed contracts were made on time (11,437,250 €/CHF in 2023; a total of over 30,000,000 €/CHF since 2012).

Looking ahead to the coming years, we are confident and planning further high-yield investments. We have just successfully concluded negotiations with a long-standing partner to realize a special project. We will be presenting this project in detail very soon.

We sincerely thank you for your trust and look forward to achieving more success together in the future!