Saving can be so easy! - New investment opportunities with VIVAT Multitalent

The new house, a new car, the long-awaited trip around the world or our children's future. We all try to save as much money as possible for our future. For a comfortable standard of living and the good feeling of being taken care of.

However, saving does not mean that assets are stored unemployed in a savings book and brought out again like treasure after many years. Saving can be much easier.

With a profitable investment at VIVAT Investment II GmbH, we offer a way to combine saving with systematic asset accumulation.

With different terms depending on the product and self-determinable investment amounts (from EUR 50 per month), these are adapted to all income levels:


Product Invest 28 Invest 33 Invest 38 Invest 43 Invest 48
Type Registered partial debentures pursuant to Austrian law (bond/debenture)
Minimum subscription amount EUR 3,000.00 EUR 6,000.00 EUR 9,000.00 EUR 12,000.00 EUR 15,000.00
Monthly payment from EUR 50.00
Issue value EUR 2,000,000.00 EUR 4,000,000.00 EUR 4,000,000.00 EUR 4,000,000.00 EUR 6,000,000.00
Total issue value EUR 20,000,000.00
ISIN number DE000A30VQD8 DE000A30VQE6 DE000A30VQF3 DE000A30VQG1 DE000A30VQH9
Tradeability none
Premium/Processing fee none
Term until 31/12/2028 until 31/12/2033 until 31/12/2038 until 31/12/2043 until 31/12/2048
Interest 5% p.a.
Payment of interest payable at term
Repayment 01/01/2029 01/01/2034 01/01/2039 01/01/2044 01/01/2049
Partial repayment none up to 30% of the paid-in amount is possible from the 2nd full calendar year.
Offer period until 29/11/2023
Notification in the following
Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.

You will find accurate product information in the EU Growth Prospectus dated 30/11/2022 as well as any additional
supplements to the EU Growth Prospectus.


To purchase a savings product, please contact your advisor. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about an investment in person.

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