New products - “VIVAT Solid” and “VIVAT Excellent”

When we founded our company in 2012, we made all our future customers a promise: We’ll take care of your financial well-being. This is why we regularly bring lucrative financial products onto the market, ensuring your assets systematically increase thanks to above-average returns.

Today, we would like to continue this trend by presenting you our new products, VIVAT Solid and VIVAT Excellent.

At a glance

  • Predictable and attractive interest income with a calculable risk
  • High flexibility as a result of quarterly interest payment
  • Term until 31.12.2025
  • Favourable cost structure without premiums or processing fees
  • Indirect investment in German real estate
  • Broad diversification Investment in various properties and real estate projects


How can I purchase the product?

You can purchase our new products VIVAT Solid and VIVAT Excellent with the help of your investment advisor, by submitting a purchase request to your custodian bank. To ensure smooth processing, we have prepared an information sheet on the purchase of the new securities as well as an order form, which you will receive by email from your investment advisor or find in the customer portal.


What do experts think of our products?

As an analyst of intelligent investments and master consultant in finance (MFC), Philip Nerb assessed the quality and profitability of new investment products VIVAT Solid and VIVAT Excellent.

His assessment was based on the following points, among others:

  • The quality and crisis resilience of the business model
  • Access to profitable real estate projects
  • Successful execution of real estate projects by highly professional project managers
  • The human and technical competence of the management
  • The international coordination of sales
  • The past development of the offered financial products over time

The overall assessment found that VIVAT’s investment strategy is highly lucrative. First and foremost, the revenue figures in past years confirm this, as they have always followed a sharply increasing growth curve. According to the expert opinion of Mr Philip Nerb, financial products VIVAT Solid and VIVAT Excellent offered by Multitalent II AG are rated “Very good” (1-).


The complete analysis can be found at: