VIVAT Overview of 2020 – The good news


  • Success throughout the whole year despite difficult conditions
  • Sales report: 2020 in figures
  • Expanding our project portfolio
  • What the media is saying about the property developments
  • You are a part of this success story too

Success throughout the whole year despite difficult conditions

No one could have predicted the momentous changes that 2020 would bring. The coronavirus pandemic dominated global news and left deep scars on the economy and world of work.

VIVAT was also affected by the imposed contact restrictions, which made maintaining our business and customer relationships more difficult. What is more, internal market changes such as the new Swiss Financial Services Act FIDLEG brought additional uncertainty along with them.

However, thanks to our recipe for success consisting of comprehensive digitalisation measures, experienced remote customer care team, and measures to actively protect our employees, our company successfully managed to surpass last year’s sales record once again. This enabled VIVAT to round off another financial year on a high, and continue to stand on a solid financial footing going forward thanks to its tried-and-tested corporate strategy.

Sales report: 2020 in figures

To illustrate the positive developments that have taken place within our company, we have compiled a list of contract and sales figures from 2019 and 2020:

  2019 2020 DEVELOPMENT
CONTRACTS 1008 882 -12,5%
SALES 50.145.460* 51.990.780* +3,6 %
CAPITAL INFLOW 39.672.672* 45.186.215* +13,9 %
INTEREST PAID OUT 4.923.764* 8.544.545* +73,5 %
CAPITAL PAID OUT 2.370.568* 3.730.126* +57,4 %

*Contracts in EUR and CHF have been totalled up

Even though the sales figures differ only slightly from those of the previous year, they should be deemed significantly higher in light of the difficult circumstances. More detailed information on the figures, data and facts from 2020 can be found in our latest Activity Report.

Expanding our project portfolio

As a company specialising in real estate and tangible asset investments, we are continually working and taking great pains to executive profitable real estate projects. In doing so, we focus on purchasing, upgrading, and reselling real estate in order to achieve the highest possible profit for our customers.

With the investment capital collected from our customers, we were able to expand our project portfolio by a total of 10 projects in 2020. The planned project revenue amounts to a total of EUR 190 million:

Further information on our projects can be found in our Projects & Investments brochure and our Project Progress brochure.

What the media is saying about the property developments

The residential real estate market in Germany is experiencing an ongoing boom. At the end of last year, the Federal Office for Statistics reported that the coronavirus crisis had no negative impact on property values and prices were rising rapidly:

Federal Office for Statistics
Residential real estate prices are rising faster than they have since 2016.
Residential property is scarce, so prices are shooting up. The pandemic hasn’t changed that, according to a rapid assessment by the Federal Office for Statistics.
25th November 2020, 9:44 / source: ZEIT ONLINE, AFP, Reuters, khe / 418 comments

This conclusion was also reached by several other news magazines such as WirtschaftsWoche, NTV and Capital. Investments in tangible assets have thus been shown to remain consistently efficient and profitable, even in times of crisis.

But, as well as a tried-and-true business strategy, there are other factors that are vital for a company’s success. You. On behalf of all of us at VIVAT, we would like to thank you for your solidarity and trust this year! What is more, we are already looking forward to more success and satisfaction in our work together in 2021. All the best,