Intelligent capital investment with the VIVAT Bond (E2020)

Do you know the pleasant feeling of having provided for your future in the best possible way? Intelligent capital investments with attractive interest rates is an optimum way to increase your savings and bring you one step closer to this feeling of security.

As your specialist in property and asset investments, we therefore offer you our new product VIVAT Bond (E2020). This has a predictable term until 31.12.2026 and is particularly suitable for investors with high yield requirements.

Product data:

At a glance

  • Predictable and attractive interest income with a calculable risk
  • High flexibility as a result of quarterly interest payment
  • Favourable cost structure without premiums or processing fees
  • Indirect investment in German real estate
  • Broad diversification Investment in various properties and real estate projects

Choose a carefree future and contact your advisor today. The latter will be available to answer all your questions about the product and how to purchase it.